The creative protégée looking for long-term guidance from a professional artist. You are ready for the commitment to yourself and your creativity but just need some encouragement and accountability along the way.

A mentorship is a commitment to growing yourself as an artist. This will encompass your creative and business development and outcomes will be determined by both you and your mentor together.



An empowerment and growth plan for your true creative self. You will be expected to co-create a workplan of goals and self-assigned monthly homework. The first 6 months will be lead and guided by your mentor, Kate, the second half of the mentorship you will take the lead.

  • Longer length format and more in-depth session than consultations
  • Personal one-on-one art and business mentoring
  • Active learning and skill-building set at your pace
  • A new sense of possibility increased productivity
  • Supported creativity and listening from a fellow creative professional
  • Affordable mentoring aimed at emerging and mid-career artists
  • Accountability, follow-up, and feedback aimed at helping you succeed



A mentor does not need to be in the same medium as you but needs to be someone who can mirror back your potential to you, encourage your creative development, make strategic suggestions, and guide you through your artistic and business growth. You must be ready to do the work.

Step 1: Follow your instincts if this option calls to you. Theres a reason why you are still reading about my mentorship options.

Step 2: Ask yourself, where do you see yourself in one year from now, and if you are ready to commit to a strategic and supported creative relationship help you achieve those goals.

Step 3: Reach out for a conversation with Kate to see if a mentorship relationship will be a good fit. Click here for a free discovery call to see if mentoring will be a good fit.

Step 4: Follow your gut and commit to your goals

What Mentoring is and is not….


Mentoring Is…

  • Long-term and focused on your own solutions and growth
  • An inner journey that is less focused on advice from others
  • Recognizes the artist as already creative & resourceful
  • The entire artist and creative journey

Mentoring Isn’t…

  • Finding a solution or a specific answer
  • Project-based
  • Therapy of any sort including art therapy or counseling
  • Consulting



Each mentor meeting is monthly and lasts for 1.5 hours for a one-year commitment. The cost paid in full is $900 or can be split into 4 payments of $250.

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